A dazzling wind of passion, passion for couture in the strictest sense of the word: in the real protagonist on stage for Gianni Molaro. The leading Lady in a letter-day Madame de Pompadour on an imaginary voyage across epoch and places, costumes and ethnic groups, which arrives a tour times, creating an exclusive and spectacular wardrobe, an incredible blend of luxury and creativity. 

Prophet of Art Couture and Aesthete by definition, Gianni Molaro is one of the most eclectic and original of Couture he understood as a form of fine art, able to dress the body and the soul,developing them of pure Beauty

This reborn Ulysses always ready to go beyond the Pillars of Hercules - because, after all, what's an artist but a man who goes where others fear to go? -Gianni Molaro is a couturier who uses needle and thread as a painter does with the canvas and his brushes, opening a window on his innermost self, filled with culture, quotations, memories and tributes, a stormy sea riding for years with great mastery.

His sculptured dressed earned him the applause and the attention of critics and his latest Wedding Collection is no exception. His woman in love, wrapped in precious fabrics and illuminated by fabulous embroideries, is a superb Aphrodite, a Goddess of Love who loves glamour and seduction, with a touch of classicism that makes each creation absolutely unique and special.

The lace rules as fabrics and also as excellence decoration.

It makes lovely see through effects as well as large capes with train and beautiful veils worthy of a Queen with a mediterranean allure.

It offers splendor to models flawlessly sartorial flirting with asymmetries, necklines and drapes in the name of excellence by Gianni Molaro always pursued, run-up and reached, with extraordinary results.

His bride is almost a Muse of artist that ignites creativity the art-couturier and desire the viewer and the lover.

Sophisticated and magnificent, almost baroque in her beauty, she is a solar and bright woman who in her best day shines even more thanks to the artistic creations of Gianni Molaro that loves to imagine her wrapped in dreamy dresses that becomes real only thanks to his solid experience of artist-designers, his remarkable savoir faire and innate passion for the Made in Italy high craftsmanship of which this famous couturier is one of the best examples.

Like so many other artists in the centuries before, Gianni Molaro is chasing the myth of Love and thanks to his Art Couture gave it a memorable portrait in this absolutely unique and precious wedding collection.

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